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Net Net Strategy

Learn How Warren Buffett Invested When He Was Still A 'Retail Investor'

Live Workshop

Every time Warren Buffett gets interviewed, the same question would surface; "What books should investors read?"

Over time, he has mentioned many books, but 1 stood the test of time:
"The Intelligent Investor" by Benjamin Graham.

Warren Buffett was 19 years old when he first read this book and till today, he felt that that was "one of the luckiest moments of my life".

But if you are like us, you'd probably have suffered from a headache and 'heavy eyelids' while trying to do so.

Rather than having to buy The Intelligent Investor, now retailing at US$14 on Amazon or SGD$39 at Kinokuniya, and having to spend hours reading and deciphering it, why not join us at our Net Net Strategy Workshop and learn all about the gems in this book in just 2 hours?

Here's what we'll be sharing in this 2 hours workshop:

1. Net Net Strategy: How exactly did Benjamin Graham pick winning stocks, even during the Depression period.

2. Net Net Strategy Criteria: What did Ben Graham look out for in winning stocks.

3. Modern Day Investing: Can we still apply the 'Net Net Strategy' in today's market

4. Singapore Context Investing: Can we apply the 'Net Net Strategy' in Singapore's stock market...and 1 stock example.

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