We want to raise the financial literacy of the working class.


We are a group of Singaporeans who are very interested in investments.


We write about personal finance and investments on a weekly basis since 2007.


We conduct financial education courses to empower the public with practical financial strategies and tips to grow their wealth.


Besides making business profits, we provide Pro Bono talks and workshops for the public and corporations. Our social responsibility is to raise the financial literacy of the working class.

But Financial Education Has a Bad Name

There is a social stigma about financial education – those who cannot invest profitably, teach. No one would disclose their money-making strategies to you! They will quietly make money by themselves, so why teach?!


There are some truths to it especially we have many trainers who have made audacious claims on investment returns with minimal effort in the market. Somehow we do not see many people get rich quick after the course. The hype and great sales techniques are part of the game. Overtime most consumers have wised up against these trainers and reinforced the perception that financial education is a lie.


We want to erase this bad name and redefine financial education. Financial education should be practical and truthful. If it is difficult to make money without taking certain risks, we must have the integrity to tell people the truth. We are not going to promise the sky and paint a rosy picture that the financial market is a ATM machine at your disposal. We want to paint reality and share what have worked for us (and also what not) based on our experiences. We are retail investors and we faced the same problems as you.


It was reported by CPF Board that 85% of those who invested their CPF monies do worse than the CPF Ordinary Account of 2.5% interest. That means that for every 10 CPF investors, it would be better off for 8 to 9 of them to leave their money in the Ordinary Account than try to invest them.


MAS did a mystery shopping in 2011 and found that 30% of the products were clearly unsuitable. It is likely that one of every three policies you purchased from your financial advisor is unsuitable for your situation. Singaporeans are also known to be under-insured yet over-committed to premiums.


In terms of investment scams, we have (not limited to)

  • Gold scams from Geneva Gold and The Gold Guarantee
  • Wine scams from Premium Liquid Assets, Assetton, and Universal Assets Investments
  • Land banking scams from Profitable Plots


The most notorious scam that happened in the last decade was Sunshine Empire. A good S$189m cheated from the local pockets in one year of operation. It is very clear to us financial literacy is missing. Money is one of the most important resources in our lives but we were not taught to manage it properly. It is a difficult subject which people often avoid. We want to play a part in this society by raising the financial literacy of the working class.


It all started with Alvin.


In 2007, Alvin’s parents had to sell their house because they were unable to afford the mortgage payment.


The cause of the unfortunate situation was their parents’ lack of financial literacy. Both of them belonged to the diligent working class that helped propel Singapore’s growth in the 1970-90s. However, hardwork alone was not sufficient and his parents’ poor financial decision became very costly in the later years.


That lesson taught Alvin the importance of financial literacy. He vowed to take charge of his finances and started BigFatPurse.com to document his journey with money. His journey to attain financial knowledge was not a smooth sailing one. He lost hard earned money in bad investments. But all these mistakes were worthwhile. He eventually discovered what it takes to beat market returns.


He saw many people were struggling with their investments. Some of them were even falling into scams and making poor financial decisions that reminded him of his parents’ painful past. The idealist in him believe that he could help them by sharing his knowledge and experience.


In 2014, he quit his job to devote his time to educate the public on making prudent and wise investments. BigFatPurse Pte Ltd was set up to provide financial education to the public.


Besides making business profits, BigFatPurse Pte Ltd dedicates time and effort to provide Pro Bono talks and workshops for the public and corporations. Our corporate social responsibility is to raise the financial literacy of the working class through educational talks to corporations and the public on a Pro Bono basis.


You can invite us to speak at your organisation. A typical talk will last about 1.5 hours with the following topics. We can also tailor a talk for the audience profile.


  • How to save money automatically
  • How to avoid investment scams
  • Insuring your needs and not more
  • Simple Index Investing that builds wealth
  • Comparing Regular Investment Plans

We are available for talks and seminars to your organisation, your employees, and the public. We offer to speak at your event at no charge if you are a non-profit organisation. Please contact us.

The Team


I am not trained in finance. I graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Nanyang Technological University. Somehow I felt my non-finance background was an advantage, giving me a very fresh pair of eyes observing the financial industry. I quit my well-paying job in 2014 in exchange for my passion in this business. I have to embrace the uncertainties that come with it but it is all worthwhile. My first book, Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus, was a bestseller in Popular and Kinokuniya.

Alvin Chow


I dive, snowboard and have moved house five times in the last ten years. Miraculously filled up every single page in my passport before it expired. I manage risk for a living.

Jon Tan


I am an engineer by training, graduated from NTU with a degree in Materials Engineering. Took the plunge in 2009 to quit my sales engineer job to become an online entrepreneur. Now helming the online marketing activities at BigFatPurse. I am also a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) accredited by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). Enjoy spending time reading, drinking a good cup of Kopi and run 2-3 times a week to stay fit!

Alex Yeo


I started investing after receiving my first salary. I believe wealth is made by how much we save and invest, and not a function of how much we earn. As an engineer, I am able to think logically and systematically. I believe every outcome must have causes behind it. I took up the CFA program to help me understand the driving forces of modern day finance. I enjoy reading financial books and news, basketball and swimming.

Louis Koay


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