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We are a group of Singaporeans, with an interest in investments. We write about personal finance and investments weekly since 2007, and conduct financial education courses to empower the public with practical financial strategies and tips to grow their wealth.

Value Investing
Mastery Course

Value Investing Mastery Course is the flagship course by BigFatPurse in which we impart our entire investing strategy to our participants. In this course, participants will learn how to evaluate the true value of a stock in just 15 minutes and to make decisions based on facts and figures. They will also learn to manage their portfolio of stocks and discover how to identify selling prices.

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Our complete financial courses are live, 1 day courses that aims to equip participants with a functional investing skill that will boost their investing prowess.


Value Investing Mastery Course is the flagship course by BigFatPurse in which we impart our entire investing strategy to our participants.


Dividend investing is useful for retirees or investors who want to receive a ‘passive’ income frequently.


Created for investors who want to understand how REITs work in order to include this class of equity in their portfolio for increased returns.


Angel investing is immensely rewarding but for the new and uninitiated, the risks of angel investing will be phenomenal.

We invited a practitioner who has numerous investments in ASEAN startups to conduct the course to equip you with the skills to evaluate a startup.

personal finance

Money not enough‘ – because most of us are overpaying on premiums and placing our money in the wrong places.

Take charge, optimise and manage your wealth efficiently. Louis simplifies and teaches you how in this actionable course.


Did you know that the bonds market in Singapore is larger than the entire stock market?

Ex-weath banker with 13 years of experience in the financial field and specialising in fixed income, Wei Tuck will reveal how you can invest in bonds safely and profitably.


Online courses that allows the curious investors to be able to learn important investing skillsets, at the comfort of their homes and at their convenience.


With the e-Value Investing Mastery Course (eVIMC), you can now choose to learn to invest at your convenience. This course covers the same content as the Live VIMC, with the exception of the investment game.


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