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Series of useful finance and investment related guides that you can download for free.


This calculator was created to help value investors determine the intrinsic value of any stock. It comes complete with instructions and a functional calculator.

Final Cover - Comprehensive_Guide_To_The_Straits_Times_Index

Everything you will need to know about investing in the Straits Times Index Exchange Traded Fund (STI ETF) compiled into a single comprehensive guide.


BigFatPurse has been tracking the STI ETF Dollar Cost Averaging performance since 2008. This is the tracker that we have been using. You can view the performance here: STI ETF Dollar Cost Averaging Performance


Just started investing? Or have spare cash that you want to put to work and let it grow passively?


This is a compilation of what the Top Singapore Finance Bloggers would do if they were to start over with just $20,000 capital.


In it, you will discover how the different Finance Bloggers would invest their money. And find a method that suits your investing needs.


Just started learning about investing? This Glossary contains the essential investing terms that you need to know as an investor.

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Compilation of 21 Big Profit Ideas for the Small Investor. Some of these core ideas are still being practiced by the successful investors.

BigFatPurse Ultimate Investing Resources List

We have compiled a list of investing resources that we have have found to be useful. Need something to help you in your investing? There’ll probably be a resource that suits you here.

[Calculator]Endowment Plan Return

Louis created a comprehensive calculator that can calculate the return of your endowment plan.


This calculator will take care of different type of scenarios and structures such as the cash back options, limited premium, guaranteed income, and guaranteed maturity with or without cash back. All you need is to key in the information in the yellow boxes and the IRR return will be calculated in green box for you.


To understand more about Endowment Plans, read the original article: Everything You Need to know about Endowment Plans


Not sure when you should start contributing to your Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)?


Use this free calculator to determine your optimal age to start contributing to your SRS as well as how much tax savings you can enjoy when you contribute to your SRS. All these require you just need to fill in just 6 fields.


The calculator comes complete with a user guide and you can download it here.


To understand more about the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS), read the original article: Everything You Need to know about the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)


A compilation of all the REITs listed in the Singapore Exchange. We break up the report into six REITs’ segments as found on Singapore’s Stock Exchange (SGX).


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are companies that own and operate income-producing real estate. They are a popular investment medium as they allow retail investors to gain exposure into real estate assets with a relatively low investment capital.

If you are investing in REITs, these are the terms that you should know.

lose money

Jon compiled 34 questions to help investors figure out why they’d lose money in the stock market. Identify the potential reasons and learn to avoid them.


For the original article, go to: Why Investors Lose Money – 34 Questions to Help You Figure it out


Alex realised that there were no easy way to screen REITs by market size. So he came up with this infographic.

Figures are accurate as of 22nd Dec 2016!


We compare the performance of various investment tools. This is a good place to start if you are deciding on an investment type. All performance are updated on a monthly basis unless otherwise stated.

Modeled after Phillip Securities’ Share Builders Plan (SBP), this STI ETF Dollar Cost Average Performance tracker was started in Jan 2008. For full details on the SBP we modeled, read: STI ETF Dollar Cost Averaging Performance

The CNAV strategy is our proprietary stock picking and investing strategy. We teach this strategy at our Value Investing Mastery Course and we have created a CNAV portfolio since 23 Aug 2013 where we invest in CNAV stocks using our own money.

We aim for 10 -15% per annum returns, and this is our performance thus far.

For full details about the CNAV strategy, the logic behind the strategy and how it works, read: CNAV Strategy

This is a simulated Singapore Permanent Portfolio started on 3 Jan 2012 with S$100,000 capital. We track the performance with real prices, dividends, interests and costs since then. You can judge the robustness of this portfolio during the bad times with the worst draw down.

For the complete breakdown of the Singapore Permanent Portfolio Components, go to: Singapore Permanent Portfolio Performance


Articles that will help the aspiring and new investors to kick start your investing journey and shorten your learning curve.

Best time to start investing

A quick guide to help new investors to decide when they should start investing. Comes with a useful flowchart that you can easily download and use as a visual guide.

By 401(K) 2013 @

There are many ways to invest and grow your money, and there are just as many gurus advocating their way of investing. So how do you determine which type of investing is suitable for you?


This article focuses on the goal of investing and helps you to understand if a certain investing method is suitable for you.

Money by Tax Credits

We answer the question: “Will investing a lump sum or investing your capital in smaller portions over time result in greater returns?”

Buffett Invest With Less Money

What if we can strip away majority of Warren Buffett’s wealth to just a few million dollars. Would he still invest the way he does? Or will he do it differently?

Rule of 72

Rule of 72 is a quick and reasonably good estimate to determine how long a particular investment can double its value.

Learn more about it and the number of years it takes different investment tools to double.

What Are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a type of financial tool that allows retail investors to invest in a basket of assets. Find out how they work and if you should be using them to simplify your investments.


Despite there being so many investors around, how many of them have really found success in the markets? How many are really True Investors? What sets them apart?

realistic expectations

Understand idealistic returns and risks you should be expecting across these 7 different investment tools.

The 7 questions that you should ask yourself before you start investing

Ask yourself these 7 questions before you start investing.


Just started learning about investing? This Glossary contains the essential investing terms that you need to know as an investor.

Download Now

How to read annual reports

Alex explains the revenue segment in an income statement in a short video. Watch it at BigFatPurse’s YouTube channel.


Articles related to Stocks Investing


Can you really use stocks to build your wealth?


As investors, we know that we can invest in stocks for a profit. But what does being a shareholder really entail? And, is the company’s stance always in line with ours?


Investors and Shareholders may sometimes find themselves fighting against the companies they invest in. Why is this so?


Don’t be too worried when the share holdings in your brokerage account is no accurate. These could be a few reasons why you are experiencing it.

cum dividend vs ex dividend

Cum-Dividend and Ex-Dividend are two terms you may encounter if you invest in stocks. What do they actually mean?

By Marco Bellucci @

A simple explanation of a ‘Rights Issue’, what investors get from it and the procedures leading to a complete and successful ‘Rights Issue’.

Bonus Issue

A simple explanation of a ‘Bonus Issue’, and how should you as an investor view a ‘Bonus Issue’? Plus, a simple comparison of the difference between a ‘Bonus Issue’, a ‘Rights Issue’ and a ‘Share Split’.


A simple explanation of ‘Share Consolidation’, and how it will affect your position as a shareholder and investor.


A quick introduction to the 3 financial statements that investors should know, and what each of their component refer to.

Mutual Funds = Unit Trusts

Quick explanation of important terms in stock investing


How to determine the earnings quality of a company.

Money Tree

Investors are often attracted to the thought of receiving passive income through dividends. However, are dividend stocks truly worth investing in?


Companies can also invest in other companies. Different levels of investment and ownership are classified using different terms. This article explains these terms.


There are 7 Rulebooks issued by SGX and the one that is most relevant to retail investors is the “Listing – Mainboard Rules”.


We summarised 8 important rules from this rule book that you should know as an investor in Singapore

Man holding up a question mark symbol

We have invested in Malaysian stocks for more than a year and have noticed some uniqueness about them. One of which is the use of the Convertible Unsecured Loan Stock (CULS) in some Malaysian stocks. What are these ‘CULS’?


REITs are companies that own and operate income-producing real estate. Here we list all the REITs listed in Singapore and give you an overview of their business sectors and their assets.

Singapore Skyline Erwin Soo

Many investors often confuse Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and Business Trust (BT). Although both of them have the name of trust but the nature of both trusts is quite different. Here are 5 differences.

REITs vs Business Trust in Singapore
[Video Series] REITs vs Business Trusts

REITs and business trusts are similar in many ways and retail investors find them confusing. But did you know that depending on your investment objectives, these 2 tools can provide vastly different returns?

In this video series ‘REITs vs Business Trusts‘, Louis from BigFatPurse reveals 5 key differences between REITs and Business Trusts that you should take note of before investing.


A compilation of properties owned by Singapore Commercial REITs. It is important to understand what you are purchasing when you invest in REITs.


An introduction to our Conservative Net Asset Value (CNAV) strategy which is based off Benjamin Graham’s value investing strategy.


Peter Lynch, the most celebrated and successful fund manager, identified 13 attributes of a great stock to buy in his book, “One Up on Wall Street”. This is a summary.


Jon compiled 10 reasons why investors buy stocks. Which is your reason?


This is a follow up from the article above. Jon shares 9 reasons that he would NOT buy a stock for.

What Are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a type of financial tool that allows retail investors to invest in a basket of assets. Find out how they work and if you should be using them to simplify your investments.

Final Cover - Comprehensive_Guide_To_The_Straits_Times_Index

Buying blue chip stocks individually can be expensive. Using the STI ETF, you can own 30 different blue chip stocks (in Singapore) with a low capital outlay. Here’s how it works.

By Bill Brookes @

Alvin pin points 4 potential tracking errors of the STI ETFs. If you are investing passively in the STI ETFs, you may want to consider these.

Invest For Higher Returns

It began with a handful of academics, notably William Sharpe. Thanks to their research in the financial markets and investing, we now know of 5 ways to secure higher returns. Alvin breaks down and explains these 5 factors in an article that is easy for the layman to understand.

how to generate income from bonds and stocks

Alvin shared how you can generate income from Bonds and Stocks at the Singapore Investment Week 2016.

how warren buffett would invest

Warren Buffett’s investing strategy has evolved over the years as his capital and network grew. We share what Warren Buffett says about being a small retail investor and how he would invest if he were in our shoes.

[Curated Videos] Value Investing Insights

This Value Investing Insights playlist contains all the additional information on Value Investing that we have found useful and would recommend to friends and investors who want to improve their understanding about investing.

If there are videos that you think deserves to be in this link, let us know!


Articles related to Bonds and Bonds Investing

investment bonds

A quick introduction to Bonds

US Treasury

An introduction to Treasury Bills


What are Singapore Savings Bonds and why they are almost exactly like your friendly fixed deposit accounts.

Singapore Government Securities (SGS)

An introduction to Singapore Government Securities (SGS) and how you can invest in them.

By William Cho @

We decipher the names of Singapore Government Bonds in this article.

By Lee Cannon @

There are many ways to invest in the Fixed Income Market. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are one option that retail investors can opt for. However before you invest, here are some benefits and risks that you should be aware of.


Bonds are an alternative investment product to stocks. They are great asset classes that should be included in a balanced portfolio.

This video series introduces you to bonds as an investment tool and how you make use of bonds in your investing.


Articles related to Commodities and Investing in Commodities.

Silver Bullion

4 ways to buy (and invest in) Silver in Singapore

Silver Bullion

How can Singapore investors sell their Silver Bullion and Coins?

Investing in Gold and Silver

Learn about Gold and Silver Investment in Singapore via this video series.

Discover why you should include Gold and Silver into your portfolio – and NOPE, not because they are a good hedge against inflation (they actually are NOT).

Derivatives and Alternative Investments

Articles related to Derivatives and Alternative Investments.

Warrants are Derivatives

An ‘All You Need to Know’ Introduction to Warrants.

How to read a Warrant name

Understand what you are trading when dealing with Warrants.


Introduction to Bitcoins.


Traders who are intending to trade Contract For Differences (CFDs), here are 10 points to consider when selecting your CFD broker.

Portfolio Management

Articles that guide you in Portfolio Management

Bloomberg Businessweek Hedge Fund Myth Edition

Guidelines to Tracking Your Investment Returns

Graph With Stacks Of Coins

Alvin highlights the reason why investors tend to lose money or sell their positions too early in this short article.

By 401(K) 2013 @

5 ways you can insure your investment portfolio. Do note that there is no perfect way to protect your investments from market declines, you will need to find one that you are comfortable with.

Permanent Portfolio

Learn to create and manage your own Permanent Portfolio

The Permanent Portfolio Book

What is the Permanent Portfolio and why it is a fail safe strategy that lazy investors should consider.


Since most of the information about permanent portfolio are based in the US, there is a need for Singaporeans to use other financial products that are tailored to our needs. Here’s how you can create your own Singapore Permanent Portfolio.

The Singapore Permanent Portfolio Cover

Alvin wrote a localised guide to implementing the Permanent Portfolio in Singapore. You can also view the performance of the Singapore Permanent Portfolio under the ‘Performance’ tab on your left.

Craig Rowland

An interview with Craig Rowland where he shared about the various aspect of the Permanent Portfolio.

Permanent Portfolio REITs

The Permanent Portfolio was not created to provide dividends consistently. What happens when we tweak the Singapore Permanent Portfolio with the aim to increase dividend yield?

By Marco Bellucci @

Should one select riskier bonds with higher potential yield in one’s Permanent Portfolio.

By Marco Bellucci @

How should you rebalance your permanent portfolio.

Bitcoin by Antana

Should you consider Bitcoins (or any new alternative currencies) as a replacement for Gold in your Permanent Portfolio?

Permanent Portfolio Components

Create a Malaysian Permanent Portfolio with these components.

By Kitty Kaht @

Similar to the Permanent Portfolio, the All-Weather Portfolio is an alternative for investors who want to be able to generate good returns despite market movements.

Investor Psychology

Articles relating to investor psychology and how you can make better decisions as an investor.

Roller Coaster

Alvin shares the ultimate reason why people lose money in the financial markets. It can be stocks, properties or any asset class. The reason is the same.


Charlie Munger often remarks – Tell me where I am going to die and I will not go there. If we know exactly what our mistakes are and we do everything we can do avoid them, then success becomes inevitable.

Jon shares 4 factors that leads to poor investment decisions. Read, recognise and avoid them.

lose money

Jon provides 34 questions that will help you identify potential reasons that would cost you to lose money. Download the PDF provided, answer the questions honestly and identify potential psychological barriers that could harm your investments.

Right Decision, Wrong Decision Road Sign

3 psychological biases that prevent one from making sound investing decisions.


Investors are often very focused on their investment returns, however another factor that can greatly affect your returns is your ‘investor returns’. Jon explains about ‘Investor Returns’ and what you should look out for.

Bear Market - Brown Monday by Michelle

and to prevent yourself from being ‘caught’ by the crash.


“Buy low Sell high” sounds easy but it is difficult to practice. This article explains why.

skinner box

What Skinner’s Rats and Value Investors have in common. And why it is difficult for one to become successful in value investing. Hint: Knowing this could help you make better decisions.


Understanding yourself is key when selecting an investing style that suits you. Jon shares about the various types of investors here.

[Curated Videos] Investor Psychology

Psychology plays a big role in decision making during investing. Here are some of the common traps that investors should look out for.

Central Provident Fund

Articles related to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) and Supplement Retirement Scheme (SRS) in Singapore.

how to invest your cpf monies

CPF Investing – ‘How to Invest your CPF Monies’ video series

Did you know that you can invest and grow your CPF monies to build a larger retirement fund?

This video series reveals:
1) CPF – how you can invest it
2) What can you invest in using your CPF
3) Should you be actively investing your CPF monies?


CPF Life is a compulsory annuity scheme first proposed in 2007. Here are 10 things you should note about the CPF Life, and the role your CPF monies play.


The SRS is a voluntary saving scheme that complements the CPF. But is it for everyone? Louis explains how it works in this article and summarized 3 points to consider before you contribute to the SRS.


Medishield is a set of basic health insurance that is administered by the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board. This article gives you everything you need to know about MediShield Life.


What is a Private Integrated Shield Plan, some misconceptions about the PIS and should you consider it.


The Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme (LRIS) by CPF is an alternative to the previous CPF-IS where people are allowed to invest part of their CPF monies. We break down the features of the LRIS and determine if people should be maximising it.

How To Save Taxes with CPF

CPF aka Central Providend Fund when used properly, can help you save taxes.

This ‘CPF and Your Taxes‘ video series by BigFatPurse’s Louis Koay will reveal how you can maximise the use of your CPF to save taxes, legally.


Articles related to Insurance and how you can maximise the use of Insurance in your personal finance journey


As the saying goes, nothing in life is certain except for Death and Taxes. In the event of your death, what happens to those left behind? Do you need insurance, and is it an expense?


Financial advisors often debate about these 5 touchy topics. There are no right answers. However, you might want to find a financial advisor who sees eye to eye with you on these topics…or risk being sold the wrong products.


For a complete plan to financial freedom, don’t overlook the importance of insurance. Here’s why insurance should be considered as part of your plan.


Differences between Life and Term insurance and which suits you better?


Does this advice work? And what you should take note of.


What is MediShield Life and everything you will need to know about it.


What is a Private Integrated Shield Plan, some misconceptions about the PIS and should you consider it.

health insurance

Louis explains about the Standard Integrated Shield Plans that are provided by all private insurers in Singapore. This was created to help make decision making easier for the masses. Learn about the coverage of these plans and everything else you’d need to know in this article.

maternity insurance in singapore, insurance, maternity insurance comparison

Is Maternity Insurance really necessary? Louis takes a look at the pros and cons of a maternity insurance and compares maternity insurance across different companies in this article.

Insure yourself against Partial Disability

What is ‘Partial Disability’ and why you should protect yourself against it.

The Startling Truths About ILPs

A financial advisor reveals the startling truths about Investment Linked Policies (ILPs) and why these policies may not be as good as they sound.


What are Endowment Plans and where do the projected returns really come from? Louis explains it all and even provides a free Endowment Plan Returns Calculator for those who are considering these plans.

Are the projected returns of endowment plans accurate? We do a quick check on 4 different scenarios to find out.

Wills and LPA

Articles related to asset planning, wills and LPA.

Giving by Martin Kelly

Ever wonder what happens to your assets after your death? If you are planning to distribute your assets, take note of the items mentioned in this article.


Why you should and how you can create your Will and LPA in Singapore.


What is a LPA, how you can create your LPA in Singapore and is it for you?


Articles that help you understand and deal with taxes.

income tax

6 things you need to know about filing your Taxes which serve as a quick introduction to e-filling

How To Save Taxes with CPF

CPF aka Central Providend Fund when used properly, can help you save taxes.

This ‘CPF and Your Taxes‘ video series by BigFatPurse’s Louis Koay will reveal how you can maximise the use of your CPF to save taxes, legally.

Life Events

Articles that help you plan for big purchases and milestones in life.

Car Key by MjZ Photography

A breakdown of how much you’ll need before you can afford a car in Singapore.

Garden Wedding

Alvin shares the breakdown of his wedding expenses. Do not use this as a direct comparison as there are many varying factors in play. However, we hope that this will give you a rough idea of what to expect and plan for.

maternity insurance in singapore, insurance, maternity insurance comparison

Is Maternity Insurance really necessary? Louis takes a look at the pros and cons of a maternity insurance and compares maternity insurance across different companies in this article.

Money Stories

Real life experiences shared by BigFatPurse’s writers. Learn from them.


Guest writer and healthcare professional, BH shares his insurance coverage review and measures that he takes to improve the coverage of his family.


Alvin shares the options he has when investing for his mother. If you are in a similar situation (or know someone who is aged 60 and above and wants to invest), this is a great read.


Jon shares how he starts investing for his kids through the use of an Invest-Saver Plan.

Screen shot 2015-07-09 at AM 12.11.31

Jon shares if parents can open a POSB Invest-Savers Plans under their kids name, and how he actually implements the Invest-Saver plans for his kids.


Louis shares his personal journey in finance and how he ended up in the financial field.

jane orchird garden 2

Guest writer, Jane shares her personal story and how she made it possible to quit her job and travel the world.

By Jerry Wong

Alvin shares the heart-wrenching story of how his parents lost their house. And why financial literacy is an important skill to have.

By Garry Wilmore @

Alvin shares how his grandmother almost got duped just by visiting the bank. Do you have similar experiences?

By Niklas Freidwall @

Alvin shares his 1 trading mistake that cost him an entire year of salary.


Jon shares his decision to sell his property and why it was such an emotional decision.

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