'Generating Passive Income Through Bonds'

In 2 hours, discover how you can create a source of Passive Income via Bonds.

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Specially for Retail Investors who want to Generate Passive Income through Investing...

Discover How You Can Generate Passive Income By Investing in Bonds

Dear Retail Investor,

Stock picking can provide great returns however, it can also bring great losses when the markets are not moving to your favor. 

Rather than single mindedly focusing on stocks, retail investors should also look into other assets that can help to stabilise your portfolio

And this is where Bonds can play a role. 

Stocks and Bonds are known to behave inversely. 

Therefore, Bonds are one of the better choice of assets to stabilise your portfolio.

However, on top of that, did you know that you could generate a source of passive income from bonds? 

You're invited to attend the LIVE 'Generating Passive Income Through Bonds' workshop at BigFatPurse Pte Ltd's training centre : 

Upcoming Class Details To Be Announced Soon
During the 'Generating Passive Income from Bonds' Workshop:
  • Discover the Fundamentals of Bonds and How You Can Generate Passive Income from Bonds
  • 5Cs to Bond Investing - What retail investors should look out for when investing in Bonds
  • Bond Investing Opportunities - Where to locate these gems?
  • Stocks and Bonds, the Best of Both Worlds - How Bonds Investing can complement your Stock investing to Give Your Portfolio an Extra Boost
How much is it?

Before we reveal the actual price of this workshop (which will definitely be shocking to you...), here's the actual value that you will be receiving:

  • Complete Understanding of Bond Investing (Worth at least $49)
  • Exact thought process behind determining which Bond to invest in (Worth at least $109)
  • Introduction to Creating A Balanced Portfolio (Worth at least $59)

And you will be recieving all this value at just a measly...

SGD $19

For just the price of a meal, you will be exposed to life-changing investing knowledge that could boost your portfolio and possibly give you a source of passive income.

Are you willing to trade a meal to possibly improve your investing results?

Why $19? 

$19 ensures that the 'Generating Passive Income from Bonds' workshop is still affordable to the majority

$19 will turn away those who are not serious about turning up and learning at the 'Generating Passive Income from Bonds' workshop

$19 will attract retail investors who are serious about improving their knowledge of personal finance (rather than those who prefer to play games on their phones during the workshops

BigFatPurse has been running free workshops for a while now.

And the main issue we face with free workshops is that tickets get snapped up too quickly, and yet many people fail to turn up on the actual day of the workshop, despite reminders.

This is usually fine to us.

However, there are many on the waiting list who would most gladly turn up for these workshops. Thus, keeping our workshops free is actually backfiring - we are not able to share our knowledge with those who are actually interested.

Therefore, we have decided to start charging for tickets at our workshops.

BUT! Everything else remains the same.

These workshops are NOT previews to any high ticket courses, but rather are financial knowledge sharing sessions

We do not have a few thousand dollars course to sell you at the end of the workshop. Please keep your credit card and skepticism at home. Come and learn!

We hope to see you there,

WARNING: Space is limited and our LIVE trainings always fill up because they are significantly better that the information others charge you thousands for... even though the cost is minimal.

About the Speaker..

Louis Koay 
Trainer at BigFatPurse Pte Ltd

He graduated from the National University of Singapore with First Class Honours and has completed all 3 levels of the Chartered Financial Analyst Program.

He believes in educating retail investors to allow them to make the suitable investing decisions that could change their financial future.