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Complete Financial Courses

Our complete financial courses are live, 1 day courses that aims to equip participants with a functional investing skill that will boost their investing prowess.


Value Investing Mastery Course is the flagship course by BigFatPurse in which we impart our entire investing strategy to our participants. 


Dividend investing is useful for retirees or investors who want to receive a ‘passive’ income frequently. This course highlights a dividend investing strategy that works for retail investors.


Created for investors who want to understand how REITs work in order to include this class of equity in their portfolio for increased returns.


Presented by active Angel Investor, Mr Lim Der Shing, you will learn about the local and regional Angel Investing scene as well as real angel investing examples and experiences. Mr Lim will share about how an active angel investor can create deal flow, evaluate startups, maximise his winners as well as understand your role and rights as an Angel Investor.



Designed for the non-finance professional, this course aims to give you the ability to understand and make the right financial decisions that suited to your needs. It is conducted by Louis Koay, AWPcm, CFA.



If you are thinking of diversifying into Bonds, get all the essential knowledge and gain the ability to Invest in Bonds safely and successfully in this 1 day course.

Online Courses

BigFatPurse will be launching a series of online courses that allows the curious investors to be able to learn important investing skillsets, at the comfort of their homes and at their convenience.


With the e-Value Investing Mastery Course (eVIMC), you can now choose to learn to invest at your convenience. This course covers the same content as the Live VIMC, with the exception of the investment game.

Bundled Financial Courses

These bundles are curated for the smart investor who wants to commit to an all-rounded education for the best value.

You will receive a list of course dates to choose from after your purchase. You should complete the attendence of the courses in your bundle within 1 year.


If you are looking to gain control of your finances and start investing successfully, this is one of the best way to get started.

This bundle includes:

  • Personal Finance Mastery Course
  • Value Investing Mastery Course
  • Dividend Investing Mastery Course

Become a complete stock expert with this bundle. Belt up and equip yourself with 3 different investing strategy that allows you to navigate any market. 

This bundle includes:

  • Value Investing Mastery Course
  • Dividend Investing Mastery Course
  • REITs Investing Mastery Course

You want to own an stream of income that pays you even when you stop working. This was created for you. 

This bundle includes:

  • Dividend Investing Mastery Course
  • REITs Investing Mastery Course
  • Bonds Investing Mastery Course


Internal Workshops

BigFatPurse workshops are usually short 2 hours informative sessions held on weekday evenings. These workshops are kept at a low price and come with the promise that there will be no hardselling during the workshop.  We have internally designed workshops the focus mainly on investing and financial planning. Some examples include:


Stock investing 101 workshop for aspiring or beginner investors. In this session, you will learn about simple investing tools to kickstart your investing journey.


Designed specially for the working adult who wants to start planning for his or her retirement, this workshop covers a wide range of essential money strategies.


In this workshop, attendees will be introduced to bonds as a financial tool. Bonds is a useful financial tool that could provide a balance in the portfolio of many investors and bring the extra stability that these investors seek.


Mutiple Streams of Income for Retirees

Retirement can be the golden years, however some of us are still worried that we may not have sufficient savings to fund our retirement.

Partner Workshops

We also partner external speakers to provide more value to our attendees and customers. These workshops will usually cover topics beyond our internal expertise, or provide attendees with additional investing knowledge beyond what BigFatPurse teaches. Some examples include:

Insure the Right Way

This workshop was held in collaboration with DIYinsurance. Christopher Tan, founder of DIYinsurance shares about the different types of insurance and how we should be using insurance for it’s true purpose.

Simply Wills

We partnered with Simply Wills to educate our audience about the importance of estate planning and creating a will. This workshop was targeted at parents with dependants who are not able to support themselves financially.

No B.S Property Investing

Vina from popular property investing website, PropertySoul was invited for this series of workshops where she shared her secrets to successful property investing and the potential pitfalls that aspiring property… investors should look out for.

Science of Stock Picking

We invited Teh Hooi Ling to conduct this series of workshop as part of her book launch. Being an experienced investor, ex-finance writer for the Business Times and an active fund manager, she was able to share many nuggets of investing tips that our attendees could use.

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