Bonds Investing Mastery Course

Everything You Must Know Before You Invest in Bonds

When used correctly, Bonds allow investors to build a safe and sustainable portfolio.

However, being a lesser known investment tool, there have been investors who got burnt by bonds.

Hence, we decided to engage an expert in Bonds to reveal what investors should know before investing in Bonds.

Discover how Bonds work and if they can help you reach your investment goals

Individual Bonds vs Bond Funds – What are the difference and which suits your needs?

How to implement Bond strategies to meet your investment objectives.

Making Money from Bonds – Yield to Maturity and how to calculate it

What You’ll Learn

The Bonds Investing Mastery Course equips you with the knowledge and ability to Invest in Bonds safely and successfully.

What Are Bonds and How They Work
Understand why companies issue bonds and how it benefits you as an investor.
Not all Bonds are made equally. How to choose the right one for you.
Learn about the different types of bonds available in the market, their unique features and characteristics. And which types of bonds are best for your needs and risk appetite.
How to Implement the right Bond Investment Strategy to meet your investment goals?
Determine how you should be approaching bonds as an investment, and how to pin point the exact bonds that are suited for your investment needs.
Making money from Bond Investing
Understand a realistic yield from Bond investing and learn how you can calculate the potential returns of your desired bond.
Real Case Studies
Learn from the experience of a veteran as he shares case studies of Bond Investing done by real investors.

Your Trainers

Chung Wei Tuck

Boosting 13 years of experience in the financial services industry, Wei Tuck was a wealth banker who specialised in Wealth Management and Fixed Income. Due to Wei Tuck’s specialisation in fixed income products, he was advising clients with large fixed income portfolio and his experience and knowledge enabled him to provide timely advice on fixed income investment.

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S$128 sounds like a good deal, is it a sales pitch?

The Bonds Investing Mastery Course content-based based course. There is NO additional course or tool for you to buy at the course. You should be able to find a list of retail bonds via the free SGX website and have access to basic financial figures.

Should you want more data, there are external providers that do provide paid services for in depth information. These are NOT sold by BigFatPurse nor our trainers.

Is this a get-rich-quick scheme?

Investors should look to invest in Bonds for stable returns, not to get rich quick. If you are looking to get rich quick, BigFatPurse’s courses are not for you.

I cannot attend the upcoming Bonds Investing Mastery Course. When will the subsequent courses be?

You can check the future course dates with May ([email protected]). It is recommended that you make payment to reserve a seat and indicate the date you would like to attend. Due to the amount of content being taught, many students recommend it to their friends. Hence, seats run out very quickly.


We promise to impart real investing knowledge with no fluff or hype.

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