What is the BigFatPurse Investors Conference 2016?


27 Oct What is the BigFatPurse Investors Conference 2016?

It started out as a single invite to an external speaker.

We have been holding an investment conference annually since 2014 for our inner circle. During this meeting, we would share about our investment takeaways, how we did in our own CNAV portfolio and what we would look out for going forward.

To provide more value to our participants, each year we would invite an external speaker whom we trust and respect to share about their investing style and methodology.

This year, we got greedy…

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and invited 4 instead.

As Alvin and Louis look forward to join the audience this year, let’s take a look at what you can expect to learn from the featured speakers at the BigFatPurse Investors Conference:

Recognising the amount of content that they would be learning, many have asked if they could bring a friend along. Hence, we decided to open the BigFatPurse Investors Conference to the public this year.

If you would like to up your investing knowledge and clock better returns in 2017, we’ll see you there!
Use the code ‘SPECIAL38‘ to get a 30% discount off the ticket price at www.bigfatpurse.com/conference

More about the speakers:


Aggregate Asset Management

Seak Eng, the fund manager from Aggregate Asset Management will be sharing about Aggregate’s style of Value Investing.

Aggregate Asset Management has outperformed the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Index by 30% since the Fund’s inception.

And personally, we are very interested to hear what Seak Eng will share about their style of investing.


Astral Asset Management

Kian Soon, fund manager of Astral Asset Management has also been invited. Astral Asset Management goes beyond the usual style of value investing – which is to find stocks trading at a cheap valuation of their earnings and assets.

They look out for 5 different situations that creates opportunities for investors. And Kian Soon will be sharing about these situations.

We’ll definitely be taking notes for this.


SiS Asset Management

Next, we have invited Kang Lin, the CEO of SiS Asset Management.

SiS Asset Management has a property fund which pulls investors money together to make direct real estate investments. And they look for high end residental properties located at prime spots. With the cooling measures and slow market, Kang Lin believes that the prices of these properties would be suppressed and present attractive opportunities for investors.


GoldSilver Central

We got to know of GoldSilver Central recently and Alvin had purchased platinum from them.

Why platinum?
Because platinum price is trading below gold over the past few years. Even though platinum is comparatively rarer, has more industrial uses and has a greater demand compared to gold. Hence, platinum appears to be a lot cheaper compared to gold.

We invited Brian Lan, managing director of GoldSilver Central to share about Platinum and why investors should take a look at this precious metal. Of course, he would also share about his views on the outlook of Gold and Silver in the coming months.

Clear your schedule, reserve a seat, prepare a notebook and join us on the 5th November 2016 for an afternoon of learning at the BigFatPurse Investors Conference.

Remember to use the code ‘SPECIAL38‘ to get a 30% discount off the ticket price at www.bigfatpurse.com/conference


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