Investing Your First $20,000 – A New Year’s Gift from Singapore Financial Bloggers

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02 Jan Investing Your First $20,000 – A New Year’s Gift from Singapore Financial Bloggers

A brand new year and a brand new article on, the first in 2016.

A group of financial bloggers, including yours truly, have put together an ebook for you. We have released it now and it is free for download, but before I give you the link to download, allow me to give you some details about the ebook.

The title of the ebook is Investing Your First $20,000, and it is targeted at budding DIY investors. The idea came about as a response to The Straits Times article in Jul 2015, where it had a slant towards Unit Trusts. I did a rebuttal article but I felt it wasn’t complete since it was only my point of view. Getting the inputs from various bloggers and compile them into this ebook would provide the diversity in thoughts and multiple viewpoints about the same matter. We hope you would be able to find something that suits your situation and context.

I would like to thank the bloggers for agreeing to this project and willingly shared a lot of their personal experience and knowledge without asking anything in return.

We know that trying to pick stocks can be very frustrating. Skip that frustration, get 21 ideas to finding profitable stocks in an instant. 

Kudos to (not in order of merit):

Last but not least, thanks to Teh Hooi Ling for the wonderful foreword for the ebook.

If you have set your new year resolutions and one of them is about growing your money, this ebook is a must read.

The knowledge you are about to gain would go a long way.

Get a good start in 2016. Get your copy from this webpage.



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  • LadyYouCanBeFree
    Posted at 21:53h, 02 January Reply

    Congratulation ! It’s finally OUT ! Can’t wait to get a copy ;-)

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