3 Reasons Why Housewives Should Learn to Invest

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27 May 3 Reasons Why Housewives Should Learn to Invest

You are the pillar of your family, the silent force that keeps everything in order and life comfortable, the hand that tireless contributes to the household without any complains.

You’re a housewife and you should learn to invest, because it’s time to look after yourself too.

As a housewife, you do not have a full time job and thus your CPF is probably a small and unexciting account. If you had agreed to the statement above with a tinge of hopelessness, you should start pondering about the following:

  • Will your CPF be sufficient for your twilight years, in the unfortunate event that there is no one to support you financially?
  • Will you be able to enjoy the same standard of living when your spouse retires?
  • Will you be able to do the things you have always dreamt of, after your kids have grown up and no longer need you to fuss about them?

As a housewife, you have given your time and energy to bring your children up and support your spouse, giving them a good life both at home and in the society, but what have you done for yourself? Are you prepared for your own retirement?

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Here’s 3 reasons why you, a housewife should start learning to invest.

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Reason #1: You deserve to enjoy your retirement.

retirement - source: rand.org You have slog away silently to look after your family for most of your life. You deserve to reward yourself for the years of hard work and enjoy your retirement.

However, will you be able to do so financially?

Relying on your spouse or children may sound like a plan now, but is it?

The economy can change in the years to come, your spouse and children may find themselves in undesirable financial situations and may not be able to support you. Your best option will be to build your retirement fund and rely on yourself.

Reason #2: You’d probably make a better investor than your spouse anyway.


Well, firstly you are more experienced at finding valuable purchases at a discount.

As a housewife, you are used to purchasing the essential items required by your household. Your mind calculates savings at the speed of the latest computers. And you probably are used to stretching your dollar to get the best value when you are doing just that. sales It’s pretty much the same in the stock market.

Instead of pushing the trolley around a huge shopping centre, you just need to click the mouse and shop around using a computer. All you have to do when building your retirement funds is to shop around the stock market and look for businesses that will give you the most value for your money.

If you are still not convinced….think back:

Have you ever had the experience where you sent your spouse to the supermarket to get a bag of rice and he came back with the most expensive one?

Second, you already have the discipline that will help you succeed.

Getting up early every single morning is a feat, and that takes a whole load of discipline. Going through the same routine of waking your children, preparing food for your family and cleaning the house is a tiring affair. And it takes discipline to constantly demand the best out of yourself for your family.

Your daily life has trained you and given you the most crucial quality required of an investor to ultimately do well in investing – discipline.

Most investors do not do well in investing because they do not stick to their initial plan. They would pick a stock and plan to hold it for at least a year, but end up selling it off within a week or a month. But with your discipline, you are more apt at avoiding such situations.

Thus, you will likely be a better investor than your spouse.

Reason #3: Your spouse or children are not a safe retirement ‘plan’

Not a plan No one can foresee what will happen in the near future. Unfortunate events may occur in the economy, in your country or in your family. And you have to be prepared for it.

Although your family can choose to contribute to your CPF using the Retirement Sum Topping Up Scheme by CPF, there is a limit to the amount that they can contribute.

Plus, although CPF does give a small amount of interest, if you were to spend 30 years in retirement, those contributions and accumulated interest are rarely sufficient.

Instead of relying on your family to provide for you constantly, why not grow their contributions by investing safely while getting a higher and stable annual return?

I hope that the 3 reasons I have given above have encouraged you to start investing and building your very own retirement fund – so that you can do what you wish to do upon your retirement. If you are eager to start, read on for…

The 1 simple action you can take to start learning about investing (no payment required).

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  • Brian
    Posted at 08:06h, 27 May Reply

    I like the 2nd point and its true but mostly applies to buying clothes and accessories or when we go to bkk. Lol

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