BigFatPurse is Hiring!

We are hiring

17 Apr BigFatPurse is Hiring!

It has been an exciting first quarter for us. We are growing fast and the amount of work is more than we can handle. We are on the lookout for a Marketing Executive and an Analyst to help ease our load. Read on to find out what it takes.

What it means to join us?

We are a young and fast growing Financial Education company. Financial Education in Singapore is in its infancy and as a contributor in this industry, we are unique in many ways.

BigFatPurse’s belief is to help people increase their financial literacy and understand the language of money. We want to see everyone living in harmony with money and playing the capitalistic game wisely. We need you to share the same belief and find meaning in the work you will be doing.

We know that trying to pick stocks can be very frustrating. Skip that frustration, get 21 ideas to finding profitable stocks in an instant. 

You will not be able to explain to your friends what you do in one sentence. You also cannot expect the glamour and prestige of working for a large corporation. If admiration from friends and self esteem derived from a job title is what you desire, these positions are not for you.

What are we looking for?

We are searching for responsible individuals who are able to work independently. We do not micromanage. We do not like to breathe down necks.

We are looking for folks who are positive and willing to learn. We are learning new things every day. We believe you will be too.

As we are a small set up (still), you will be expected to chip in and help out with tasks outside your main roles. This may include helping out during our courses and facilitating admin work. Team work is a way of life at BigFatPurse and not just a fancy slogan. You should not find such tasks demeaning and below you.

Last but not least, we only want to hire people who are honest and ethical. In line with the way we invest, we focus on the process as much as the results. We believe in doing good and in doing the right thing. You must too. This is non-negotiable.

How you can help us.

Position #1. Marketing Executive.

As a Marketing Executive, your main role is to execute marketing initiatives to allow more people to discover BigFatPurse and learn about personal finance. To do so, you need to have a strong command of English and be able to write persuasive copy for our website, collaterals, sales pages, flyers, posters, emails etc. Your material must be succinct yet convincing. We do not hard sell. We do not do hype. It is not an easy task.

You will also be working closely with external designers to ensure that the artwork conveys the message and fits the brand image of BigFatPurse. All collaterals must be ready in a timely fashion for our scheduled classes. You must be able to track the effectiveness of ads and update us periodically. We treat you like a marketing professional and we welcome your ideas to improve BigFatPurse.

Besides copywriting, you are also required to manage our social media channels (FB, Twitter) and keep our fans engaged.

We focus a lot on writing quality articles and you should have a good understanding of content marketing. You will need to research readers’ interests and propose topics for our team of writers.

On top of your marketing role, you would also carry out business development tasks such as sourcing external sites for guest posting opportunities and repurposing content. We meet fascinating people in our line of work all the time. You will be our hands and legs in liaising with them.

It would be advantageous if you have managed a marketing portfolio before. Additional skills in copywriting and/or digital marketing will add more points. Nevertheless, do not let a lack of experience be a hindrance in reaching out and speaking with us.

Most importantly, we want to see the passion and drive in you. We believe that only a dynamic person can market a dynamic company in a dynamic industry.

Position #2. Analyst

What does an Analyst for a Financial Education company do anyway?

At BigFatPurse, we are passionate about sharing our investment knowledge. We devote a lot of our time to ensure that the information we push out is of a certain quality. We are proud that there is depth to our content. We have started to cover regional markets and research is becoming overwhelming. We need more help in this area.

Your main role is to manage the research on stocks based on our proprietary strategy known as the Conservative Net Asset Value. It is a form of fundamental analysis which embraces the philosophy of Benjamin Graham and Dr Piotroski’s F-Score. It doesn’t matter if you do not understand it at this point in time. We will train you to do your job.

We eat our own cooking and have built a portfolio based on CNAV stocks. We measure our stock picking performance and the portfolio has done well since inception two years ago. You will play an integral part in ensuring this continues.

You would be in charge of updating and curating our CNAVpro platform. We categorise assets in a unique way and hence, no financial data company can give us what we need. Hence, we pour through each annual report to pick out these numbers and organise them in the database. We have a group of part time analysts to help us do that. Your role is to manage them and be responsible for their output.

There is an online forum which we maintain for our club members. You will be required to provide updates on this forum with regards to queries and developments in CNAV stocks.

You will also be required to generate analyst reports based on the CNAV method. This report would be made available to our members.

Finally, you must be open enough to accept our investment approach. You may have your own investment strategy which you believe in; that is fine. Choosing how and what to invest in is as personal a decision as choosing a spouse. We will not question your choice. All we ask is that you do not argue with us about ours. We have no time for that.

Where and when do you work?

This is a full time position. Part timers need not apply. The official working hours will be 9am to 5pm, Mon to Fri. Many of our courses are on evenings and weekends and you might occasionally be required to work beyond normal office hours.

View from the Office

View from the Office

We believe you are a matured adult who can balance your personal commitment and work. You will get time off for your additional hours. We will not ill-treat you, but do not count beans with us.

You get to work in a cosy environment at the heart of Orchard Road. We sit atop a massive interchange with 3 MRT lines. We have been here for six months and we have yet to exhaust all the lunch options within walking distance. The fridge is well stocked with beer. I personally cannot think of a better place to work out of.

We do not cage you up. You choose where you sit.

We do not cage you up. You choose where you sit.

How much are you paid and your benefits?

Your salary will range from $2,200 to $2,500. If you think you are worth more, come tell us why. We are all ears.

We abide closely to MOM employment regulations. You will be treated and compensated fairly.

We are currently working with an agency to provide medical and dental benefits for all of us.

How to apply?

You could be fresh out of school looking to walk a different path or a mid career professional who is sick of corporate bullshit and seeking new challenges. We welcome you to speak with us.

A growing company is the most exciting phase to participate in. We also understand that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. As with all start-ups, every new addition is an important milestone. You will add value, and you will also be valued.

If what you have read resonates with you, do send your resume to [email protected] (if the job is not you, but you think there is someone who might be keen, do pass on the information. thanks!)

Only selected candidates would be called up for interviews. Thank you for your interest.


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