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Coca Cola Talk 23 Sep 14

24 Sep Pro Bono Financial Education

I am very honoured to be invited by Pacific Refreshments Pte Ltd to give a talk to their employees. This is part of BigFatPurse’s Corporate Social Responsibility, which is to raise the financial literacy of the working class and we do this on a Pro Bono basis.

Since it was a talk for a beverage company, I cheekily titled the talk “Refreshing Your Finances”. I hoped my sharing would quench their financial thirst.

Coca Cola Talk 23 Sep 14 - 80 pax

As the age group of the audience was relatively young, in their late 20s and early 30s, I have to scope the talk relevant to their situation. I reckoned that they would not have large capital to invest and some of their life milestones may not have completed (such as marriage and having children). Hence, I chose the following four topics that would help them at the stage of their lives:

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  1. Save While You Earn – Saving as the core discipline to grow wealth. The very first step of wealth creation. I shared the automated way to save money.
  2. Avoiding Scams – Saving alone is not sufficient as one can be fooled by scammers and risk losing all their money. I went through notorious scams in the past and suggested ways they could protect themselves against future scams.
  3. Insuring Needs – I discussed several types of insurance and explained they are likely to overcommit to premiums and yet have insufficient coverage. I highlighted that insurance is a cost, and investment should be separated from insurance.
  4. Invest While You Save – I shared with them the risk, difficulty and effort to beat the index returns. I compared the monthly STI ETF plans and highlighted the key differences.

The talk was very well received. We had fun and lots of laughter learning together. Nothing beats the satisfaction of having a few staff came up to me to show their appreciation for the sharing.

Employee Well Being

This company has a global programme that takes care of their employees’ well being. The program aims to improve the physical, social, emotional, and financial aspect of their employees’ life.

We fit in nicely for the financial aspect and was hence invited for the talk. It was a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session and the HR manager has planned for a 500 calories McDonalds’ chicken wrap set meal for each employee.

It is heartened to see an employer willing to go the extra mile for the staff. It makes everyone happy.

We were impressed by the facility. Every piece of wall was decorated and the full glass frontage allow sunlight to brighten the entire area. The level of energy and camaraderie among the staff is one of the highest I have ever experienced. It is definitely a great place to work.

We are thankful for the HR manager for organising the event and inviting us for the talk. She even gave us a nice momento as token of appreciation from the company.

Coca Cola Talk 23 Sep 14  - Gift Presentation

We Can Speak At Your Next Event

Do you have a financial well being programme in your company or organisation? Would you like to engage us to speak to your employees or members?

We are more than happy to tailor the talk to the needs and interest of your staff and members.

Pure quality and unconditional sharing with no strings attached! There will be NO selling of services or products during the talk.

Talk to us!


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  • My 15HWW
    Posted at 10:22h, 24 September Reply

    Hi Alvin,

    Things seem to be working well, isn’t it? =)

    Anyway, really nice of you and your team to do a pro bono talk on the basics of personal finance to these workers.

    Most of the time, to do well in personal finance, one doesn’t need to go through a CFA or have a finance-related degree. A good grasp of the basic could be enough. And of course, like what you pointed out, avoiding scams and big mistakes is especially crucial.

    • Alvin Chow
      Posted at 11:01h, 25 September Reply

      Thanks 15HWW. I have nothing to complain about the current state of affairs :)

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