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where we are headed

14 Feb BigFatPurse – Where we are headed

It has been an exciting time for us here at BigFatPurse. It all started when Alvin blew up his options trading account. The magnitude of the loss and the swiftness in which it happened shocked and humbled all of us. It was an extremely painful lesson, and he was fortunate to survive – scarred and shocked but otherwise unharmed.

As any cancer survivor will tell you, the near death experience changes your perspective on life and puts things in a totally different light. It forces you to rethink many things that you normally would have taken for granted. It forces you to look back at how far you have come, and compels you to look ahead and chart your course for the future.

And so we did.

Alvin started BigFatPurse in 2007. Like many who start blogs, it was meant to be an online diary, a record of experiences. Initially he wrote about his investing experiences and shared his trading results. There were book reviews and interviews with authors and gurus.

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BigFatPurse was a great site because it offered one person’s honest and unbiased take on trading, investing and sound money management. It was a treasure throve of information. I was a fan and I emailed Alvin to tell him so. We corresponded and after a while, I got roped in to write for BigFatPurse. We were discovering new things every day with regards to trading, investing and the retail investing scene in Singapore. Along the away, we tested our hypothesizes and tried to find out what worked and what doesn’t.

Initially it was all about us. We wrote about whatever we wanted to. (Some of my articles were cringe worthy, but we are learning) BigFatPurse was like a blank canvas for us to perfect our art. The focus was lacking but we were thankful that the audience stuck with us.

We were growing and we needed more hands on deck. Alex and Louis joined the team bringing with them expertise in their own fields. We are now a team of four.

Our thoughts crystalized as we journeyed on. There are issues that we take a strong stand on and they include

1. There is no short cut to making money in trading and investing. As with all things in life, it takes time and effort, lots of hard work and perseverance. If it was easy, everyone would have been millionaires.

2. Active Investing is not meant for everyone. In fact, 90% of the retail investors are best suited to be passive investors.

3. STI ETF and the Permanent Portfolio are godsends for the retail investors. Unfortunately few are aware and even lesser are convinced. There is a lot more work to be done here.

4. Trading is possibly the easiest thing to learn but the hardest to master.

We have just crossed 1,437,198 million page views with 432,116 unique visitors since our website started. The realization is both humbling and empowering – every article that we put out gets read by tens of thousands of people. We have a voice, and we thank you for listening as we speak.

And it was then that we realized that it is no longer about us anymore. The future is all about you now. You, the retail investor looking to make your money work harder for you, to plan for retirement, to escape the rat race. You the retail investor looking to read about what works and what sucks. You, the retail investor looking for a credible, reliable source of information on the web.

Looking forward, our aim is to provide interesting content and timely information for all retail investors. We hope to reach out to even more people. The financial markets are essentially complicated. We hope to make things less so for you.

We have also created our own database of stocks ranked according to their Conservative Net Asset Value and we will be starting our own BigFatPurse Value Investing Mastery Class to teach investors to utilize the information we have. We are extremely excited about this because is a powerful tool which we want to share with as many retail investors as possible. Watch this space for more details.

The financial markets are our Passion. We enjoy reading doing and sharing about it. In doing so, we hope to change minds and enrich peoples’ lives. The road ahead is long but we are sure it will be meaningful. In doing so, we would have found our Purpose.

Thank You all for loving BigFatPurse!


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  • SSS
    Posted at 15:44h, 15 February Reply

    ^_^ yes and just seems bearish market is about to the end. Wish to see BigFatPurse continue to grow

  • Jac
    Posted at 21:23h, 16 February Reply

    I visit daily. I hope BIGfatpurse can grow to become something like ZeroHedge, providing interesting articles and timely information for retail investors and full time professional traders, in Singapore.

  • Yeow
    Posted at 16:36h, 17 February Reply

    Thanks for the articles written and we appreciated it =)

    What’s your take on the capitalmall bond at 3.8%pa?

  • momo
    Posted at 23:00h, 18 February Reply

    To bigfatpurse team, with regards to point 2, what makes you think you are the 10% who can beat the market? :)
    You get the point. So may the team convert to and be proponents for passive investing from now on and ahead. Cheers.

    • Jon
      Posted at 23:45h, 18 February Reply

      Hi momo, thanks for your message.

      We are believers of the 80/20 principle (or even 90/10). 20% of your efforts will yield 80% of results. 20% of your customers will give you 80% of your business. etc etc.

      In investing, the 80/20 principle also applies. We spent 80% of the time learning, reading and practicing, trying to find the perfect trading strategy. Unfortunately the strategy itself only accounts for 20% of the eventual outcome. The remaining 80% lies within the trader. Whether he or she has the discipline, perseverance and ability to see the strategy through. Whether he or she is able to detach from greed and fear.

      As individuals, we never once claim to be the 10% who can beat the market. Far from, for we never shy away from publishing our losses and mishaps. On the other hand, as a team we are 100% confident that our CNAV strategy is able to select and flag out stocks with the greatest margin of safety in a systematic and objective manner.

      This CNAV strategy however, will only be able to account for 20% of an investor’s success in the market. The remaining 80% lies within the individual. Two investors could learn and apply the strategy with significantly results.

      And not to worry, we will continue to educate and expose retail investors on the benefits of passive investing. Hope this explains!

      • Alvin Chow
        Posted at 05:54h, 19 February Reply

        Momo you are right. It is over-confidence bias right? Haha. Our love for financial markets can either help us or ruin us, nobody knows the future.

        To add on to what Jon said, we will be setting up a personal fund to invest and the results will be audited as part of the company’s financial report. Give us 5 years and we see if we are the 10%.

        But that does not mean we will not continue with the discussion on STI ETF and Permanent Portfolio.

        One thing I know about you – you hold on to passive investing very well and no one is able to sway you away. Keep it up!

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