Masterclass with Chris Lori


12 May Masterclass with Chris Lori

Thanks to CMC Markets who organised the Masterclass with Chris Lori. I have heard of Chris Lori in the past and my impression was that he is a respectable forex trader and an ex-Olympian. When CMC Markets sent out the invitation to his talk, I signed up right away.

The ballroom was big and I think it could be filled to 500. I guess Chris Lori is not too famous judging on the attendance. He dived deep into trading right at the start and it was too heavy for a Saturday morning. I wondered how many of us got what he was trying to say. On one hand, I prefer speakers not to scratch the surface and say things that mean very little, on the other hand, I found it hard to concentrate and follow his in depth explanations. I think one needs to have sufficient experience in intra-day trading in order to develop the level of thought and understanding before he or she can appreciate Chris Lori’s topics.

Nonetheless, I found something useful. He said that everyone needs to have their own method and you will not trade someone else’s method successfully. He believes everyone has a unique talent that we have developed in the course of our life and it need not be related to trading. However, it is about transferring this talent or skill-set to trading that matters. For him, it was the transference of his psychological aspect from his sports to trading. He said every successful trader understands their psychological profile and how we should figure out ours and develop a risk model and methodology based on that.

He went on to say that the market is so big that there is room for each of us to find a place in it. He added that our mind and model must be developed together. It is an iterative process where the feedback from the market is important to refine our thinking and method. We cannot theorise and trade a method and expect it to work right away. We need to trade and evolve, trade and evolve, until we develop our own trading plan.

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It gets pretty dry when he began describing how he trades. He trades intra-day volatility spikes in forex pairs and this shows that a trader just needs to identify one small area of the market to trade successfully. Basically, he understood how the big players put in their orders which causes price spikes. He said that these large blocks of orders come and go very fast. These orders push up the price and after they get filled, there is a sudden void of demand and prices drop. It usually drops back to the level before these large orders came about. This is where he usually enters, as he found that the subsequent breakout is usually reliable.

I wasn’t interested in his method so I left during the break. I was only interested in the way he thinks as a trader. And I got what I wanted after hearing his views on how one should develop to become a successful trader.

He provides a lot of free materials – videos and articles on his blog ( You need to sign up in order to access them. I had a quick look and the Essential Qualities of Successful FX Traders Video Series seems to cover what I have discussed in this post.


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