Enjoying Mid-Life Without Crisis by Eileen Tan and Ui Wei Teck


16 Feb Enjoying Mid-Life Without Crisis by Eileen Tan and Ui Wei Teck

 “Eileen and Wei Teck are experienced property investors with a wealth of knowledge to share. Most importantly, they have a positive attitude towards life and they love people. I believe their stories in this book will inspire you to achieve greater things in life!”

I gave the above testimonial for my good friends’ book. I knew them through Dennis Ng’s seminars and my first impression was that they are really friendly and cheerful people. Regardless whether you are a stranger or an old friend, they can strike a conversation with you with so much sincerity. It is hard to find such naturally happy people who infect others with their cheerfulness. We all know that Singaporeans always looked glum and ‘hostile’ from our stressful lifestyle. Find a chance to talk to Eileen and Wei Teck and they will break you out of this gloom.

Talking about stress; you may think that both of them are carefree people who try to minimise stress in their lives? In fact, they continue to strive for greater achievements. Once in a while, I will learn that they are embarking on new projects (like this book). It is even more astonishing they can be so happy while constantly ‘stressing’ themselves with challenges. They are the best person to teach us about living with stress in harmony. This is what they said about stress in the book,

“Be aware that too little stress can be a problem. We need some level of stress to perform optimally. Ironically, you need to get dissatisfied or uncomfortable with where you are to push yourself to set higher standards. You will then be motivated to attain a new level of achievement.”

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And for those who are too comfortable in their jobs, the authors warned about the globalisation effect,

“But being a borderless world, that job will not be here to stay. There will be others who can and are willing to work twice as hard at half the cost.”

And for those who are still hanging onto their jobs, they have the following advice,

“The focus should not be just to work your way up the career ladder, but to work your way OUT! Take up training opportunities when the company is willing to invest in you as the knowledge you gain will stay with you wherever you go. Build up your knowledge base and network, and make yourself a valuable asset.”

“To be employed is great but to stay employable is the greatest thing you can do for yourself during your working life.”

The authors also made a good point about all the welfare packages given by the government and I agree with them. It is better to be in a position to contribute than to receive.

“My late grandpa once said, “It is better to give money to our Country, than to take money from the Government”. He said this to his neighbours who were complaining about having to pay taxes in the 1960s. At that time, my late grandpa, though not well-educated already knew that a Country would be more prosperous if the citizens can take care of themselves instead of asking for social benefits.”

Eileen and Wei Teck are property investors who have made a tidy sum from properties. To be clear, they are not those who flip properties during this property boom. They had started investing 10-20 years ago. They have experienced the ups and downs in the market and are seasoned investors. They dedicated about half the book to property investment, giving away 12 property buying tips, 12 renting tips and 6 property selling tips. I will not cover them in this post.

Besides giving many tips about property investing, they talked about more important things in life – relationships and work. It is evident when they defined this goal in their lives,

“For us, our destiny is being Selfless Multi-Millionaires. We focus on sharing and growing people around us, including needy families and the Children’s Home. We also share our financial literacy regularly to inspire others to live a rich and joyful life.”

I do not know how a mid-life crisis feels like. But I am sure this book will do its job to inspire those who need some encouragement in their mid-lives. I believe life is about hope where we work for a better tomorrow. Even though I am not in my mid-life, I found the book inspiring and there are actions I can take now to achieve greater things in life. In fact, understanding the challenges of mid-life now would give young people a headstart!

“You are also never too young to start the planning process. There are successful people who started off completely inexperienced and learnt along the way. To start young gives you the ability to achieve more as you have more time than others to learn, and have more opportunities to achieve success and to impact more people.

In other words, age is irrelevant. The past is history, the future is a mystery. The present is your gift. Recognizing that we have a limited life span, the ideal time to start planning is NOW.”

You can buy a hardcopy of Enjoying Mid-Life Without Crisis in book stores and MasterYourFinance. You can purchase the ebook version via Aktive.


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