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Play CASHFLOW Game Online!

Have you played Rich Dad’s Cashflow game? It is now available on the web and FREE!

You just need to register an account with Rich Dad’s website. You can click on the picture or here.

Both Cashflow 101 and 202 are available. You can set up private games with your friends and family. Enjoy and remember to invite me too!

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  1. Melanie Waldron
    Melanie Waldron says:

    Wow – I thought this would be a great intro for me to play this game and finally get my head around the workings before I buy the game and play with others! The benefits sound great – but there are lots of references on playing Cashflow online, and yet NONE of the links Actually work and take you to a valid site to play the Cashflow Game!?! VERY Frustrating… and Disappointing!! Makes one think less of the people behind it. If you dont want anyone to give it a go online before getting into this Kiyosaki revolution further – just Dont sugget it may be played online, when it is Not set up to do so!!

  2. RD
    RD says:

    Why can’t I access to the game? I did register, I log in to the lobby and choose a room, it takes time to load to 100%. Then I skip the intro and it keeps loading forever with a ridiculous cat running!!!

  3. Brendan Yong
    Brendan Yong says:

    I’ve always wanted to play this game but didn’t have really have a chance, It was so fun, I played it several times with my friends on board-game though and I love it. Thanks for informing us that there’s an online version (dunk, I almost forgot). Thank you:)


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