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We are a group of Singaporeans, with an interest in investments. We write about personal finance and investments weekly since 2007, and conduct financial education courses to empower the public with practical financial strategies and tips to grow their wealth.

Value Investing
Mastery Course

Value Investing Mastery Course is the flagship course by BigFatPurse in which we impart our entire investing strategy to our participants. In this course, participants will learn how to evaluate the true value of a stock in just 15 minutes and to make decisions based on facts and figures. They will also learn to manage their portfolio of stocks and discover how to identify selling prices.

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Our complete financial courses are live, 1 day courses that aims to equip participants with a functional investing skill that will boost their investing prowess.


Value Investing Mastery Course is the flagship course by BigFatPurse in which we impart our entire investing strategy to our participants.


Dividend investing is useful for retirees or investors who want to receive a ‘passive’ income frequently.


Created for investors who want to understand how REITs work in order to include this class of equity in their portfolio for increased returns.


BigFatPurse will be launching a series of online courses that allows the curious investors to be able to learn important investing skillsets, at the comfort of their homes and at their convenience.


 Attendees will learn about simple investing tools that they can use to kickstart their investing journey.


Bonds is a useful financial tool that could provide a balance in the portfolio of many investors and bring the extra stability that these investors seek.


Money Strategies for the Working Adult

Investing does not only involve stocks, there are several other asset classes that play a role and provide different returns and level of safety during…


Multiple Streams of Income for Retirees

This workshop was designed for retirees and potential retirees and it introduces several income streams that are available to them in their golden years.


Insure the Right Way

This workshop was held in collaboration with DIYinsurance. Christopher Tan, founder of DIYinsurance shares about the different types of insurance and how we should be using insurance for it’s true purpose.


Simply Wills

We partnered with Simply Wills to educate our audience about the importance of estate planning and creating a will. This workshop was targeted at parents with dependants who are not able to support themselves financially.

Complete Financial Education Course
Informative Workshops

To Be Announced

To Be Announced

Gold and Silver Investing Workshop: Identifying Fakes

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Other Courses

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  • Set-a-monthly-budget-and-stick-to-it
    How to Set a Budget and Stick to It

    All of us are familiar with the concept of saving. We know that it’s important not to spend all our salary, but to save a portion of it. Some think of saving as “paying yourself first”. However, what ...

  • budgeting
    Simple Budgeting With The 50/30/20 Rule

    When it comes to budgeting, how much should you allocate to each area? A simple rule of thumb which is easy to implement is the 50/30/20 rule. It is a rule coined by Harvard Bankruptcy expert Elizabet...

  • mistakes traders should avoid
    Stop Making These 5 Money Mistakes

    At what age does one become financially independent? For many of us, the answer lies somewhere in our mid to late twenties after we start work, or at the very latest, in our early thirties. As we prog...

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